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About us

StudentConsulting is one of Scandinavia’s leading recruitment and staffing companies specialized in students, academics and those with a vocational training. During the past year, we have recruited 11,554 people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Our recruitment network consists of 176 assignment locations, over 400,000 candidates and over 2,500 customers.

StudentConsulting was founded in 1997 as a company that gave students part-time jobs, but today is much more than that. With us, jobseekers meet their future employer and employers meet their future employees.  

StudentConsulting has collective bargaining agreements with LO and Akademikerförbundet and Unionen (Swedish unions). We are a member of Almega Bemanningsföretagen (the Employers’ Organisation for the Swedish Service Sector) where we are an authorised staffing company and an authorised recruitment company. Read more about the rules for authorised companies on Almega’s website. 

Our journey

StudentConsulting's journey began 1997 in Luleå and was founded by three students, among whom Tobias Lindfors, the company's CEO and principal owner.

In 1999, StudentConsulting employed around 30 people and had sales of SEK 0.9 million. In the past year, we have put 11,554 people into jobs via recruitment and staffing, and the Group now has annual revenues of SEK 1.25 billion. The journey with our growth has been created via the employment of so many fantastic people with the mission to create the industry’s most satisfied customers and thereby facilitate even more people obtaining a job every day. This motivating force has meant that in the past four years we have had the most satisfied customers in the industry and thus have grown to where we are today, with assignment locations in 176 cities throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Our growth has generated many awards over the years, however in our view, our greatest achievement is all of the jobs we created.

StudentConsulting in numbers


+400 000


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Recruitment per year

11 554

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