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Our growth and success in recruiting and staffing students, academics and those with professional qualifications, has generated many awards over the years. In our opinion, our greatest achievement is all the jobs we have created during these 20 years.

In 2019, StudentConsulting was named Master Gazelle by Dagens industri, which means that StudentConsulting is the company that has won the Gazelle Prize in Sweden the most times since Dagens Industri introduced the Gazelle Prize 20 years ago.

In November 2017, our CEO and co-founder Tobias Lindfors was named Norrland's foremost entrepreneur in EY's entrepreneur award EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the world's foremost awards for entrepreneurs and the competition is held at regional, national and international level in more than 140 cities and in more than 60 countries.

On April 25, 2017, Crown Princess Victoria awarded the Business Medal to Tobias Lindfors for outstanding entrepreneurship.

Tobias Lindfors was named Entrepreneur of the Year and Founder of the Year in Sweden in 2011 by the Founders Alliance, as StudentConsulting through organic growth has become a major player in the staffing industry and thus is a role model for other young entrepreneurs.

In 2010, Tobias Lindfors received the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Norrbotten and as the youngest winner ever, he also won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Sweden the same year.
See the award ceremony here.

StudentConsulting has been repeatedly named Gazelle Company by Dagens Industri (four times Gazelle winner in Norrbotten), Fast Grower by Ahréns Rapid Growth and Affärsvärlden (three times Sweden's fastest growing company and twice in second place) and Entrepreneur of the Year in Luleå 2005.




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