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The recruitment process

This is how things progress when you apply for a job.


  1. Log in
    Log in to your existing account (or register for a new account) and search for the job you are Interested in.

  2. First selection
    We read through and review all applications and then contact the applicants who best match the requirements for the position. If we have stated that an ongoing selection is being made, it means that we read and review the applications as they come in to us. 

  3. Telephone interview 
    If you are one of the applicants who have progressed further in the recruitment process, we will contact you for a brief telephone interview. During the conversation, we will ask supplementary questions about your application, in order to learn a little bit more about you. 

  4. Personal interview at StudentConsulting
    If after the telephone interview you are one of those applicants we regard as being most suitable for the position, we will contact you for a personal interview where you can meet with one of our recruiters.

  5. References
    If you are one of the final candidates, we will always contact the persons you have provided as a reference.

  6. Customer interview 
    If you are one of whom we believe is most suitable for the position, you will be called in for an interview directly with the company. If things go well and you are the one who finally is offered the position, an employment agreement will be prepared for signature. If you are going to work as a consultant, the agreement is between you and StudentConsulting. If it is a recruitment for an outside company, you will enter into an agreement between you and the company.

  7. Feedback If you didn't get the job
    Due to the fact that we quite often have many more applicants than open positions, we unfortunately do not have the possibility to provide personal feedback to those who do not proceed further from the first selection, therefore you will be notified by e-mail instead. Those of you who have proceeded to interview stage, but unfortunately were not offered a job this time, will be notified by telephone.

    If you didn’t get the job this time, don’t give up!

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